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About 3M&C Pharmacy

3M&C Pharmacy, the pharmaceutical wholesale/retail division of 3M&C Health Systems, is one of Ghana’s leading pharmacy shops. 3M&C Pharmacy is reinventing pharmacy to help people on their path to better health by providing the most accessible and personalized expertise, both in its stores and online.

3M&C Pharmacy sells a wide assortment of pharmaceutical drugs, including over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs (both brand & generic), beauty products and convenience items. We source our products around the world from certified manufacturers and thus we can be competitive and would not compromise on quality.

Our 3M&C pharmacists dispense prescriptions and provide services such as blood pressure monitoring, vaccinations, face-to-face patient counseling with respect to adherence to drug therapies, which closes the gaps in care for more cost-effective therapies. Our integrated pharmacy service model enables us to enhance access to care while helping to lower overall health care costs and improve health outcomes.

3M&C Pharmacy store offers all international brands to all customers. This is in addition to trusted and high-quality alternatives to the international brands. Many of our medications are innovative first-to-market products that fill a gap in the brand offerings and meet customers’ specific needs and wants, whether in the form of inexpensive but comparable product options, or items with innovative ingredients or packaging that provides specific consumer benefits.

If you’re being treated for a chronic, complex condition, 3M&C’s specialty pharmacy offers a personalized approach. We supply specialty medications for a range of conditions such as cancer, MS or rheumatoid arthritis. Our dedicated pharmacy staff is on hand to provide one-on-one care and help with patient assistance programs.

We feed our various clinics with same range of medications to improve the convenience to our patients. 3M&C retail outlet also operates a delivery service coupled with an online ordering service which can be accessed at www.3MandC.com. These service are available 24 Hours 365 Days a year.

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